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Megans Favorites- Slay Summer With These 3 Great Products

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Summer is coming, does your skin care routine have these 3 products?

Vitamin C is essential in the production of Collagen, Ive supported the use of this product long ago and will continue to do so. – Megan Doll House Aesthetician


Ok so look…check it out-

Skin care is essential to what we all want in our lives, great skin…forever, a warm glow and the ability to wake up and feel bright!

Find these products on our Online Shop or in-Clinic.

  1. ElASTIderm: I really enjoy this eye serum because it has caffeine as an ingredient, this allows better blood flow in the area and clears up puffiness in the eyes, dark circles, and #MeganTip- its great during allergy season because it really helps me not look so affected by the enviorment! This lotion really helps keep everything tight.

  2. Professional-C: Its packed with Vitamin C, hence the name, but that does what? Vitamin C is essential to the rejuvenation of your skin, its benefits allow skin tone to even, and gives a brighter look to your skin….I’d apply this daily. 

  3. Hydrate Facial Moisturizer: Last but not least, Hydrate-YES-PLEASE-THANK-YOU! Its just about the thing we ask for the most, a plush feeling in our skin so it can look and feel healthy and vibrant. This non-sensitizing is just about one of the best products I’ve worked with, I recommend it to a majority of patients since it is very useful in decreasing fine lines & wrinkles. SHOP

Megan is one of our Aestheticians and she holds skin care to a high value, she knows that with good recommendations her patients see results, this is something we strive to give to our patients…the ability to trust in us and our advice to help you GLOW.

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