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Are you your hormones? Or are your hormones you!

We encourage everybody to find their most balanced state, when this is found, we have seen amazing results in many of our patients.

All in all, each of us started as fountain of youth. Since then, we’ve slowly become a factor of our surroundings, its not foreign to say pollution, the food we eat, and the supplements we put into our bodies have some kind of repercussion on those beautiful hormones that give us life! Figuring out you’re 28 with a hormone imbalance leaves most bewildered, how could I be deficient in what I believed made me,…well me? This does not start and stop with one single case, but it does show how your day-to-day struggles can be over the battle in your body that you are not aware of. Come in for a blood work exam to see how your hormones are.


Struggling from SIBO, a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that causes malnourishment from the amount of bacteria in the small intestine. Yovana, struggled with dietary and hormonal issues, for many years she lost the natural system of her cycle and it showed in her hormones.

Going to doctors and being told your premenopausal is hard. Yovana’s struggle is something we should all be realistic about, a person grew a platform over a lifestyle that maybe didn’t cause her the harm exactly, but not being able to test other options because of that platform, might’ve.

Many of us might feel a certain way of the same, we live in our constant battle to be the youngest most vibrant person we WERE, but its just not the same. Patients who undergo HRT with us at Doll House Anti-Aging Clinic, show increased amounts of energy, mood, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation. When your hormones are in full swing, its what makes you glow. Keeping a constant state of benefits from these hormones is important, with us we customize a plan from your blood work and allow it to map a path to the bioidentical hormones that we will be working with on a monthly basis.

Understanding the benefits of your hormones is always the first and most important part in this process and it allows you to be aware as to how you decide to proceed. We offer free consultations, both in office and over FaceTime to ensure patients can be assisted from any point in their journey.

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